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Wwwows themes with WooCommerce

The most popular WordPress shop module is WooCommerce.

The premium Wwwows themes have additional stylesheet for WooCommerce plugin.

Install WooCommerce plugin if You need a shop to Your site.

At the plugins admin menu You can install WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a free and popular webshop module. The premium Wwwows themes have additional stylesheet for WooCommerce, so the shop looks better with the premium themes.

If You want to import the products from the demo You can download the xml from this link. You can import the xml file at Your admin`s Tools-> Import menu with the default WordPress importer.

If You want to add the unique WooCommerce layout to Your site, create a new page and select the WooCommerce page template.

Edit WooCommerce templates.

If You want to edit the checkout page, click on “Edit page” at the admin toolbar.

In the editor it is hardly recommended to add the header and footer template parts as blocks. There You can make other changes as well.