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Responsive solutions for block themes

Here You can find some tips to make Your site responsive with FSE themes.

Hide and show content on screens.

Responsive controls feature needs Wwwows Blocks premium plugin. The plugin is included in every premium themes.

You can use the responsive controls on elements (columns, rows, blocks etc.). Click on the element and setup the display at the right control panel. You can hide the element on different screens. If You need, hide an element and create another for other screens. There is also an option to align the element to left on mobile.

Responsive typography

If You use basic font size paramaters for font sizes (like px and rem), it may looks bad on smaller devices. The predefined font sizes in Wwwows themes are looks better on mobiles.

To use the predefined font sizes, click on the text block and at the font size selector choose a size.

Responsive blocks with third party plugins.

There are some developer who create free and premium plugins with responsive blocks. If You need some extra responsive blocks, at the links You may find some solutions to Your needs.